Dr. Medhat Nafei the new chairman for MICOR CO.


Dr Medhat Nafei has been appointed as the new chairman for the Metallurgical Industries Company. The Minister of the business sector Khaled Badawy appointed Dr Medhat the president of the Holding Company for Metallurgical Industries,  he is one of the most important Egyptian economists. We  expect that he will do a transfer of quality to the company to become one of the most successful companies in the next period and wish him success in the next period.

قام وزير قطاع الاعمال بتعين الدكتورمدحت نافع كرئيس للشركه القابضه للصناعات المعدنيه و هو من اهم خبراء الاقتصاد المصريين و الذي نتوقع له ان يقوم بعمل نقله نوعيه للشركه لتصبح من اهم الشركات الناجحه في الفتره القادمه و نتمني له التوفيق في الفتره القادمه

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