MCC History

MCC Mining History



MCC mining works since 1997 in the field of mining specifically in the field of phosphate rock mining in the Eastern Desert of Egypt, where the company is implementing all the extraction works and excavation using heavy equipment owned by the company, our company has a great previous work experience in this area since it was founded by Mr. Ismail Mahmoud Ismail who developed the company’s performance by increasing its capital and the number of heavy equipment owned by the company specially Caterpillar machines.

The company’s work not only on the field of phosphate mining, but extended its work to all excavation work, such as digging canals and foundations and tunnels, the company participated excavating one of the most important projects in Egypt it is the Cairo subway project and contributed significantly to the processing of some excavation work since 1991-1995 also participated in one of the most important projects in Egypt TOSHKI canal project, where the company has dug a large portion of the canal  in the period between 1997 to 2000.

Currently, the company operates in the field of phosphate mining for the largest producer of phosphate rock  EL NASR Mining company in Egypt it’s one of the Egyptian government companies our company carries out drilling and extraction and crushing ores. We also started and began to develop our business to include phosphate rock exportation to global markets by helping all importers of phosphate to sign long-term contracts with the Egyptian government companies.

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