Phosphate rock Grades

Egyptian Phosphate Grades


Egyptian phosphate rock grades between 18% P2O5  up to 30% P2O5, this determined according to mine location, Egypt considered on of the countries that own large deposit quantities of phosphate rock with different grades.

The main tow locations  or mines that rich of high grade phosphate rock  are:

1- SEBAYA mines in the eastern desert this location contain the best phosphate grades and specification in Egypt, most of these mines owned to ELNASR Mining Company the largest phosphate government producer in Egypt.

MCC considered the largest mining company that works for ELNASR mining company in this location to extract and remove the phosphate overburden  we are the main contractor there.

MCC also acts as phosphate seller agent we supply our customers from this location, for that reason we work there till now these mines in the eastern desert considered the best mines.

2- The second location in the western desert ( ABOU TARTOUR ) one of the largest mines and also contain high quality phosphate rock with grades up to 30% P2O5 but with some different values for the other chemical element.

This not mean that this location contain bad quality phosphates, absolutely no but customer needs and the application  that will us phosphate determines which one is better.

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