SOCOMEC Vibrating rippers in Egypt

A new business journey will start with SOCOMEC SPA the Italian manufacturer for the vibrating ripper AL MADINA CONTRACTING COMPANY the mother company for MCC MACHINERY will use SOCOMEC ripper for the first time . The ripper will start its first job on AL MADINA mining site in Egypt al desired results including production rates on diffract roc types will be declared very soon.

AL MADINA CONTRACTING COMPANY will also extend its business area by representing SOCOMEC SPA as the exclusive dealer and distributor for SOCOMEC SPA products range including vibrating rippers in Egypt.

AL MADINA CONTRACTING COMPANY will support the mining and excavating companies in Egypt to learn more about the new excavating techniques using our SOCOMEC vibrating rippers buy inviting all partners to live demonstrations on our mining sites.

Our new techniques will help our customers to rise up there excavators productivity up to 3 times in different rock layers its not just a comparison with breakers but its all about how to use is in the right job with the right technique , from our experience with other vibrating rippers we found that vibrating rippers can not replace hydraulic breakers in many rock layers but you can reach 3 times more that breaker production if you used the ripper in our way.

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