Rock Phosphate in Egypt

USGS expectations

According to USGS Egypt’s Phosphate reserves now sit to 1.25 billion tons. Egypt still in the 7th in the to 10 Phosphate producers in the world, new mines has been discovered in the nile valley. Egypt’s Phosphate production remained flat for 2015 at 5.5 million tons.The US geological survey (USGS) expects that the world will consume more that 48 million tons of phosphorus pentoxide fertilizers by 2019 up from 43 million tons in 2015. This mean that phosphate will be in high demand in the next few years which make mining companies and phosphate exporters will develop business plans to cover global markets needs.

Rock Phosphate producers in Egypt

ELNASR mining company still considered the largest phosphate producers in Egypt with reserves set to 40 million tons. ELNASR mining company mines location in the east desert  while PHOSPHATE MISR mining company which considered the  2nd largest phosphate producer in Egypt own phosphate mines in the west desert. These tow compines belongs to the Egyptian government and actually Egyptian private companies do the mid work for these tow companies.MCC considered one of the largest private companies that works for these tow government companies in phosphate mining, MCC also works as official agent and have the authority to sell phosphate production to the global markets.

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