Egyptian Phosphate Mining & Export.

mining-mccMCC mining is an Egyptian mining company with a great experience in Minerals & Phosphate rock Mining and one of the leaders in Mining field in Egypt. MCC extended its  business to include exportation of   Phosphate rock and Minerals ores to the global market including Asia far east countries, Africa and European union.Check our services and available Phosphates grades and specifications.  Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries we always ready to offer  best prices and quality.


Phosphate rock prices offered by MCC mining in  FOB terms via RED SEA ports like HAMRAWEIN port , SAFAGA port and ADABIA port we can arrange also shipping via mediterranean sea ports if needed please read Phosphate export page . Phosphate grade starts from 18% P2O5 up to 30% P2O5 you can check specifications and analysis reports from grades page


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